Our Capabilities
Set Us Apart.

The Northern Air Systems innovative and highly skilled operations, engineering and manufacturing teams produce the highest quality HVAC systems from simple to complex designs, to service and support.

Our team works seamlessly using our internal project tracking software accessible at all stages of production from design to delivery. This dramatically reduces project interruption, increases the ability to meet demanding lead times, and focuses on delivering perfect results.

In our experience, the key to successfully completing any project is the combination of our team, our technology, and commitment to our customers.

We Engineer, Build, and Test From Design to Delivery.

Laser Cutting

  • CNC laser metal cutter for fabricating enclosures
  • Automated tower loader for high-volume, lights out operation
  • Laser etched part numbers for in-house shop tracking

Punch Press and Panel Bending

  • 41 head CNC turret press ieal for pattern parts s and 3D forms
  • Automated CNC panel bender
  • Process parts with repeatability and speed


  • Automated wire cutting, labeling, and stripping machine
  • Labels wires to match schematics
  • Service technicians can easily trace wire without a schematic


  • We design and build all our electrical panels in-house
  • We use the highest quality components on the market:
    Schneider,  Mitsubishi VFD’s, and Carel PLCs.

Piping Fabrication

  • CNC pipe bending machine with four die stations
  • Eliminates or minimizes number of brazed joints
  • Use boosted natural gas and a gas flux injection for brazing


  • CNC water jet cutting table
  • Cuts fiberglass and closed cell foam insulation

Powder Coating

  • Apply polyester powder coat finish – minimum 4 mils thick
  • Fuse the powder onto the part in bake oven for a glossy finish


  • Three large production lanes with 5 departments each
  • Outfitted with the same tooling for optimal repeatability
  • Any system can be manufactured in any lane at any time


  • We automatically vacuum the unit’s refrigeration circuit
  • Helium and nitrogen leak detector to capture miniscule leaks
  • Inject the appropriate charge of refrigerant into each system

Manufacturing Capabilities

Metal Cutting and Fabrication

  • LVD Phoenix Fiber Laser FL- 3015 with 6 Shelf Tower
  • LVD STRIPPIT, M-1525 Turret
  • RAS, TurboBend Plus 6230 Panel Bender
  • RAS, MULTIBEND – CENTER 79.31 – 2 ECO Panel Bender
  • LVD Strippit, PPEC-L 135/30 Press Brake
  • LVD Strippit, TL2665 Tube Laser
  • HYDMECH, H-230A Automatic Horizontal Band Saw

Powder Coating

  • LB-40 (C), 40 Kilowatt (kW) Electrical Power Rating Electric Steam Generator

  • Pretreatment Wash Booth 14’W x 9′ 9″H x 20’ D

  • Oven #1 Quality Finishing Systems 12’W x 10’H x 20’D

  • Powder Recovery Spray Booth 14’W x 9′ 9″H x 20’D

  • 1613872- Encore LT Hopper Powder Unit

  • 1613870- Encore LT Vibratory Box Spray Unit

  • Oven #2 Quality Finishing Systems 12’W x 10’H x 20’D


  • Mig and Tig Welding Machines

Wiring and Panel Building

  • Schleuniger Power Strip 9550 with AlphaJet wire printer and Schleuniger Prefeeded 3200

Piping Dept

  • Crippa 942XE Elec CNC copper tubing bender

  • 3 Serv-i-Quip Data fill refrigerant Vac and Charging Systems

Insulation Cutting

  • Vapo Pro Water Jet Insulation cutter