Mobile Specialty Vehicles

Flexible Mobile HVAC Solutions

You never know what kind of environmental conditions you’ll encounter when you take your mobile specialty unit on the road. All you know is there is a job to do, and your mobile HVAC unit needs to work 100% of the time to keep the equipment, people and operations cool under pressure. That’s why companies all over the world choose Northern Air Systems for their mobile specialty cooling solutions

  • Broadcast Trailers
  • Mobile Medical Trailers
  • Production and Support Trailers
  • Mobile Military Command
  • Satellite Uplink Trailers
  • Homeland Security Stations


Northern Air Systems provide critical equipment cooling and air conditioning for health and human services providers in mobile medical applications.

  • Mobile Medical Laboratory
  • MRI Trailers
  • CT Trailers
  • Surgical Clean Room
  • Shelters and Tents



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Norther Air is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.
We can also meet optional NRTL certifications in accordance with UL, CSA and CE standards.

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