Mobile HVAC Units

Tru-Temp™ Mobile Trailer HVAC Units

Are you looking for the highest quality mobile trailer HVAC Units? Northern Air Systems Tru-Temp™ Mobile HVAC Units are designed for extreme temperatures from -40° to 131° F. Our units have one of the lowest fail rates in the industry. Medical companies and trailer/temporary housing companies all over the world use Northern Air Systems as their go-to manufacturer for these types of HVAC units.


  • Available from 2 to 25 tons
  • Can be used as a wall mount, front mount, pad mount, roof mount or split system
  • Industrial electrical components
  • Heavy duty scroll / digital scroll compressors
  • Modulating condensing fans with head pressure control
  • Steel tube welded frame construction with 4,000 hour powder coat paint
  • Industrial grade electrical components with PLC controls
  • Complete self-diagnostics and alarms
  • Fin tube heating elements
  • German engineered evaporator and condenser fans with speed control
  • Easy hinged door access to major components


  • Upgraded and advanced electronics with remote monitoring capabilities
  • Energy efficient fans and compressors
  • Reduced power consumption, up to 50% depending on operating conditions
  • Light weight with better performance
  • Quieter operation
  • Environmentally friendly